The Active Blogger Award

This is my first ever nomination and as you can probably guess it’s a huge deal for me. I spend a considerable amount of time reading blogs, and so to earn any kind of recognition for my contribution to this community makes me incredibly happy.

I would like to thank Yuvi’s Buzz for nominating me for this beautiful award. She writes amazing poetry, short series and does beautiful paintings. Do check out her wonderful blog.

As the name says, it is a recognition for the most active bloggers. (I won’t say that I’m much active but I’ll try more in the coming days.)

    Rules for this award:

  1. Post it on your blog.
  2. Thank and link the one who nominated you.
  3. Nominate other bloggers.

    Nominees :

    I nominate these fellow bloggers for the Active Award.
    1. Ankit Mishra
    2. rekhasahay
    3. Phoenix With A Pen
    4. Awesomengers
    5. Storie Cantabile
    6. Ink Spatters Brought To Life…
    7. ForgivingConnects

    Have a great day everyone! Love to hear your comments!

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Middle school fallacy

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“Middle school is kind of like Middle-earth. It’s a magical journey filled with elves, dwarves, hobbits, queens, kings, and a few corrupt wizards. Word to the wise: pick your travelling companions well. Ones with the courage and moral fiber to persevere. Ones who wield their lip gloss like magic wands when confronted with danger. This way, when you pass through the congested hallways rife with pernicious diversion, you achieve your desired destination—or at least your next class”, says  Kimberly Dana

For many boys, middle school becomes a pressure cooker filled with power struggles, conflicting impulses, physical growth and strong emotions.

At the same time, middle-school boys develop deep and close friendships, separating from their families and forming their own rewarding social universes.

This story is about Bronx, a middle school boy.
His eyes are like seashells; they seem as if there was something alive in them before, only now they’re all hollow.
He never thought he would feel the kind of loneliness that makes his heart ache. But he did.

He was told that middle school was supposed to be the happiest years of his life but it turned out to be the darkest times of his life.

He had a large group of friends until middle school, where a whole new phase of his life started.

He was really eager to make new friends but keep his old ones too.

But in a matter of weeks, his former best friend was spreading rumors about him, having her friends pass him notes saying they hated him.

Finally, after a few months he spoke about it with his friends and figured it out.
But it was pretty weird for a long time.

He didn’t go out much on weekends ‘cause he was terrified of people.

During the day he was the outgoing jock and the one whom other students came to for help. But he had sleepless nights.

Some days his mom kept asking him what was wrong.

It took everything in him to fight back the tears and put on a strong image that he was okay.

For some reason, he didn’t feel comfortable sharing about his fears and anxieties.

Desperately wanting to be loved,

Desperately hoping,

Desperately praying,

Even silently watching,

Thinking that some day he would be loved.

He locked his heart in a cage and swallowed the keys.

He made himself a slave to love for the things he want.

And ruined himself.

And all for that one thing that appealed to him,

That horrid middle school fallacy.

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One day..

One thing I can promise you, you will look for her in the people you love.
One day she’ll be the one not answering your calls,
one day she’ll just scroll down your post and status because they’ll not matter then or maybe she doesn’t even have to do that because you’ll be on her block list.
You’ll search for her hand whenever you feel lost.
You’ll miss her voice when you badly want someone to listen to you.

One day you’ll miss her, her texts, her attention, her efforts, the way she apologized after every fight even if it was not her mistake because for her there was no point in winning an argument over you.
You will miss how she cared, her love because it’s rare what she had offered you.
There are a lot of people like you and the day you’ll meet another you, you’ll want her the same way she did.

One day you’ll hear songs that will make you miss her and you will change it as fast as possible.
You’ll regret everything and you’d wish you could apologize.
And she’ll not be there looking at her phone screen for hours and hours, waiting for your one text to fix everything.

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The collected poem by Sara Teasdale

“Stephen kissed me in the spring,
Robin in the fall,
But Colin only looked at me

And never kissed at all.


Stephen’s kiss was lost in jest,
Robin’s lost in play,
But the kiss in Colin’s eyes
Haunts me night and day.”
― Sara Teasdale
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Every end has a new beginning!

I don’t want you because I feel you were disloyal (even when you were loyal)”, with no firm proof, with no certain reason, just like that, you were stated as a disloyal person.
I know its heart-breaking.. but now, no more of taking crap from anybody, give back what you get.
The one who plays with your heart doesn’t receive chances after chances to play with it and break it.
Once you are done with all the damage and healing, trust me you’ll feel as if you were reborn from the flames that burnt you to ashes.
At that moment of displeasure you feel like its the end of happiness and the world has gone to its worst stage, but girls , believe me it hasn’t.

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“It’s simple until you make it complicated”

Psychology says after a breakup if you are still friends with that person, either you both love each other or you never did….and today by all means for me it’s the truth.

We were never in love because it was just a one sided thing even if we were we could not hold on it for long.
It was pretty easy to understand but hard to accept but it makes even more harder when that person shares with u that he loves someone else , he misses someone else and cries for someone else…its was like a sudden 440 volt shock, has all this while the person who meant world to me have just made another person his world.

It’s not that I’m not happy for him, that he got his true love but the part that makes me sad is that ones upon a time when we were sixteen though they were many hardships we confided in each other, ran away from each other, comforted each other, made each other smile, cry, laugh but whatever the situation was we always ended up coming together.
That’s because we never gave up on each other…..but this time it’s not the same it will be four years now and the whole world changed from togetherness to loneliness.

But this is definitely not a complaint but the innermost feelings of the heart that fell in love once upon a time….which was trying to pursue happily ever after but it ended up as be happy by being apart.

And now I’ve become a mermaid because

“For a mermaid that can only love once in her lifetime,
she stakes her life on that one love”

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An apology.

I know you never made a step forward.
After what I did, of course it must have been hard.
I know how amazing you felt while talking to me.
Those shiny eyes told everything that went in the mind of thee.
I know you acted serious sometimes though.
For you didn’t want my immaturity to out grow.
I know you isolated yourself for sometime.
Stupid as I was, thought asking ‘why’ was not worth a dime.
I know you left some things unsaid.
And my ignorance made true your worst dread.
Now that I am looking at the past, I reproach myself for ending up things so fast.
Would that make any difference telling you what I did not say?
This idiot would like to make an apology today.
I guess I am just not good at comprehending messages that are not said but just heard.
And I understand that things cannot be mended just by the ‘sorry’ word.
But I know that you still have all our memories pearled.
And if you give me another chance, we can build again our happy world.
I love you and I know you still love me more

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In the name of love.


Dear Someone,

I have been meaning to write this letter for a long time. I guess, now is the time.

Yesterday marked the second month since the time I had last seen you. But I have that selfie in my phone which we had clicked when we had met. Whenever I want to see you, I see that picture. And whenever I see that picture, I go through a roller coaster of emotions. In those times, I don’t know if I should cry that you aren’t with me, or I should be glad that we happened. Sometimes I cry. Sometimes I laugh. And today is one such day. Oh, wait! It isn’t. If it were, I wouldn’t have been writing this letter.

Most of the days, I am broken. But today, I am devastated, which tempted me to write to you. Someone asked me, if I missed you. I didn’t answer. I just closed my eyes and walked away and whispered’ “so much”.

I wish I could tell you that its worth fighting for,
As I can’t help it, there’s nothing I want more.., There’s no love like your love and no other could get more love,
because you’re my everything, all I wanted is for you to be my forever.

Now, all I wish for is to forget. I know I can’t. But I am trying to. I wish we, I could go back to the past and finish it before it even started or I could would try not to end. It would have saved both of us from a lot of pain. I mean, I don’t know about you; but it certainly would have saved me from a great deal of pain.

“Because even after all this time I still wonder
Why I can’t move on
Just the way you did so easily.”

I was already like broken pieces of a glass. You walked all over me to break me into further more fragments – those fragments got scattered – and now I can’t seem to find them to assemble and be ready to face another storm.

When you left me, you should have taken your memories away with you as well. You were once a beautiful dream to me. I always wondered how something as beautiful as love could turn into nightmares.

I wish to talk to you every day. But I can’t. The last time I had called you, you had blocked my number. Now, I hope that you might have unblocked my number, and I feel good in those times and I want to call you; but this very hope keeps me away from calling you, for there is a part of me which believes that you haven’t unblocked my number. I go back to what I was. You know, sometimes, I call you and cut the call before I can even hear anything from the other side. Reality frightens me.

“We don’t talk anymore!
Like we used to do…
We don’t love anymore
What was all of it for?
Oh, we don’t talk anymore.”

You left me like I never mattered. I don’t know if it’s the reality or not, but that’s how I feel now. And it is dreadful. This feeling – right here – kills me, slowly, day by day. [I wish I were addicted to cigarettes]. On days, I want to cry. But tears don’t come out. So I scream. I scream from inside. And on some days, I cry like I have never cried ever before. It destroys me, crushes my bones, and torments my soul. I never meant to tell you all of these, but pardon me, you should know. You would always ask me to tell you how I felt, or scream at you. But I never did. I wish I had. Now, when I want to tell you, I can’t. I wish I could. You aren’t here. I wish you were.

“But I wonder where were you
When I was at my worst
Down on my knees
And you said you’d my back
So I wonder where were you”

My pain is visible in my laughter. But you can’t see it. I wish you could. I laugh. Then I cry.

“And I can’t see the end of this
Now all this time is passing by
But I still can’t seem to tell you why
It hurts me every time I see you
Realize how much I need you.”

So, now, all I hope and ask of you is to come back and save me from drowning in the ocean of tears, loneliness, and despair. They say that my hope is of no use and that I am wasting my time.

I have lost enough. I don’t want to lose myself now.
I love you and I always will,
I want you to be by my side forever.
I promise I’ll be there whenever you need me.

The girl who loves you.



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I will find him…

I don’t need a lot of things,
I can get by with nothing
Of all the blessings life can bring,
I’ve always needed something
But I’ve got all I want
When it comes to loving you
You’re my only reason,
You’re my only truth.
When the skies are gray and all the doors are closing
And the rising pressure makes it hard to breathe
When all I need’s a hand to stop the tears from falling
I will find him, I’ll find him next to me.

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You’re the beginning I can’t end,

And I’m the end you can’t begin,

We’re stuck in the middle of the ocean.

Holding on to you

“If I had my live to live again, I’d find you sooner.”
-Kobi Yamada

I knew from the moment i saw him that he stood out from the crowd. Even if he didn’t mean to.

He tried to shrink away from the crowd, he tried to make himself appear smaller.

she tried to talk less and avoid eye contact. even with those big honey brown eyes of his.

By oliver, I wanted to talk to him.

I wanted to get to know him.

and i didn’t even know why.

I got up the courage to talk to him, I spoke to him for less than a minute.

I couldn’t stop thinking about seeing him today. 

I got up early just to brush my teeth and fix my hair and wear a nice dress.

He probably doesn’t even know my name.

but I don’t care.

Something inside of me is stirring to talk to him, to get to know him, to tear away the walls built around us.

It took days, weeks, maybe months, but I did it.

I could live a lifetime of happiness just to be with him again.

He said my name.

I couldn’t believe that I was hearing it from his lips, but he said it. I so desperately wanted to kiss… 

He said my name aloud so the world could hear.

but he is my world.

and i wish that i could hear him say it alone, for me.

My heart beats and flutters, threatening to tear out of my chest cavity. 

he said my name.

he said my name.

It sounded like an accident, sounded like he didn’t mean to say it. but he did. my name, my very name came from his tongue.

am I dreaming? Is this real life? because I’m walking on clouds right now.

The boy who I can’t get out of my head knows I exist, knows my name.

It’s a dream come true.

I wanted to kiss him today.

I know that sounds incredibly stupid and immature and I don’t even know if he loves me
in return, but I desperately wanted to. It was an urging deep within my soul, telling me that this is right, that he is right and perfect and I love him so much. 

But I can’t. not until he loves me in return.

because one kiss could mean that he never speaks to me again,

or it could mean that he loves me,

and will love me forever.

I can’t take a chance.

so impatiently, I will wait and see.

All you need to know about emotions!


Emotion is that complex psychological state which includes intuitiveness, love, hate, anger, jealousy and probably a million more. This is indigenous and unique to the complex beings or the human beings. But what is so complex about an emotion? Does the existence of emotions in human beings make us so “complete, yet complex”? How vulnerable can these emotions be? So, how do we begin our journey of exploring the universe of emotions? By finding out the answers to these questions, maybe!
How would I define “emotion”? Simple! Emotion is like driving a car, it’s all in your control. It’s your choice to take either a left or a right, to speed up or to drive it like it were a turtle. Similarly, handling emotions is in your hands, it is you who choose to either stay happy or sad, to fall in love or to burn someone in your heart…

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End of the road

At the end I hope you find yourself looking back at those hurdles that gave you nightmares and realise that without those your journey wouldn’t have been utterly dull and pointless

Real life..

You came out of nowhere,
Your words were magic,
You played gimmick,
I became euphoric,
Then I was hurt from reality’s kick.

I walk with you

The sky began to shine with the stars
When you began to glint in me like the moon
I stay close to you like this
That I become your felling
Beloved come I’ll live in every breath of you.
You set like evening Sun
You rise like the morning Sun
In your shadow,
I walk with you.

For you have begun to look good to me

The beautiful beginning of love has started.
My world, my dreams have begun to shape.
For you have begun to look good to me,
The destinations are new as well as the paths.
It seems we are leaving the ground and flying toward the in sky,
For you have begun to look good to me,
What the secrets of life has been revealed.
Oh, what the secrets of life is has been revealed,
Our heart’s mirror has been washed over with happiness.
For you have begun to look good to me,
These meetings are not thought nor planned, never
Yes, this is not something in a anyone’s control, never
God wanted it, so these hearts have met,
For you have begun to look good to me.
The beautiful beginning of love has occurred.
My world, my dreams have begun to shape,
For you have begun to look good to me.
The destinations are new as well as the paths,
It seems we are leaving the ground and flying toward the in sky.
For you have begun to look good to me.
For you have begun to look good to me.

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