Respect or Disrespect?

“They disrespected his feelings,
So, he disrespected her feelings”

By respecting the feelings of others, we encourage them to share their feelings and experiences in a more friendly way, which reinforce relationship. Only having a respect for them is not enough, we have to show them that we care about them through empathy and understanding. We should never advice without being asked, criticize or lecture others because we do not know those people well enough to judge. In other words, disrespect is a sign of ignorance.

The best way to respect the feelings of the other people is by listening them with empathy and nonjudgmental way so that they can share their feelings comfortably. After all, we all human beings have more similarities underneath our skin colour, race and religion.

Further the truth is that everyone deserves respect. So we should treat people in a manner in which we expect to be treated. If in any case, our action is going to affect other people, we need to consider those people feelings before making a decision.

Finally, feelings are what make anyone feel worthwhile or worthless. It requires only a little bit of efforts to make anyone feel valuable. Therefore, we should learn how to respect the feelings of others to sustain relationship and have a happy life.

“Respect for ourselves guides our morals;
respect for others guides our manners.”
-Laurence Stone


Dunno why people judge other people, did they come and ask for your kidney, your money, your bf/gf, your job, your life. Stop judging them. You don’t know what they are going through, so Be kind to all.

And we know life is no movie and there are no endings like Bollywood love stories , but there is true love. Some boys these days only want sex from girls, that’s it, even after knowing the fact, like an insane person we expect miracles to happen. We know we will hurt ourselves by constantly thinking about the same thing but yet we do think, just chill, eventually , we will learn, don’t stress much about this! We’ll get over it, I know.

May be one year has passed or more but even now you think about that guy and want to be with him. He is happy and high in his life and you are here just pretending to be happy and high in life and assuming this to be the end of your love life! This is not the end, its just a learning phase. When there is something bad in a story, there is also something good. You gained even after losing. Not all guys are the same, few are just saving themselves for investing in serious relationship, so don’t lose faith in love.

You might have spoken enough about ‘him’ to people and you must be assuming that they might be thinking

‘shutup ass your world didn’t come to an end, get over him’

So, now you may have stopped talking about him to people and now you are keeping it in your heart, but trust me, its not like that. Sensitive people exist!
There is true love.

You are meant to be with somebody who loves you.

Move on and start a fresh!

Every end has a new beginning!

I don’t want you because I feel you were disloyal (even when you were loyal)”, with no firm proof, with no certain reason, just like that, you were stated as a disloyal person.
I know its heart-breaking.. but now, no more of taking crap from anybody, give back what you get.
The one who plays with your heart doesn’t receive chances after chances to play with it and break it.
Once you are done with all the damage and healing, trust me you’ll feel as if you were reborn from the flames that burnt you to ashes.
At that moment of displeasure you feel like its the end of happiness and the world has gone to its worst stage, but girls , believe me it hasn’t.

“It’s simple until you make it complicated”

Psychology says after a breakup if you are still friends with that person, either you both love each other or you never did….and today by all means for me it’s the truth.

We were never in love because it was just a one sided thing even if we were we could not hold on it for long.
It was pretty easy to understand but hard to accept but it makes even more harder when that person shares with u that he loves someone else , he misses someone else and cries for someone else…its was like a sudden 440 volt shock, has all this while the person who meant world to me have just made another person his world.

It’s not that I’m not happy for him, that he got his true love but the part that makes me sad is that ones upon a time when we were sixteen though they were many hardships we confided in each other, ran away from each other, comforted each other, made each other smile, cry, laugh but whatever the situation was we always ended up coming together.
That’s because we never gave up on each other…..but this time it’s not the same it will be four years now and the whole world changed from togetherness to loneliness.

But this is definitely not a complaint but the innermost feelings of the heart that fell in love once upon a time….which was trying to pursue happily ever after but it ended up as be happy by being apart.

And now I’ve become a mermaid because

“For a mermaid that can only love once in her lifetime,
she stakes her life on that one love”

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