One day..

One thing I can promise you, you will look for her in the people you love.
One day she’ll be the one not answering your calls,
one day she’ll just scroll down your post and status because they’ll not matter then or maybe she doesn’t even have to do that because you’ll be on her block list.
You’ll search for her hand whenever you feel lost.
You’ll miss her voice when you badly want someone to listen to you.

One day you’ll miss her, her texts, her attention, her efforts, the way she apologized after every fight even if it was not her mistake because for her there was no point in winning an argument over you.
You will miss how she cared, her love because it’s rare what she had offered you.
There are a lot of people like you and the day you’ll meet another you, you’ll want her the same way she did.

One day you’ll hear songs that will make you miss her and you will change it as fast as possible.
You’ll regret everything and you’d wish you could apologize.
And she’ll not be there looking at her phone screen for hours and hours, waiting for your one text to fix everything.

A walk back home.

“You know what’s the similarity between ghosts and love?” They were passing by a morgue. “What is it?” She asked. “Those who have seen or felt them, believe in them and those who haven’t, do not give a shit about it,” she was listening to him very carefully. He tapped her on the back of the shoulder in order to scare her. For a moment she got scared until she realized it was his hand only. “I can point out one more similarity,” she spoke after hitting two punches in his stomach. “And they are?” “That I am scared of both of them,” they were on the darker end of the road. She held his hand for her fear of ghosts. They walked a long way back her home talking about several irrelevant things that made no sense at all and she… she didn’t leave his hand for a single moment. Maybe, she failed to overcome her fear of ghosts or maybe she had successfully overcome the other one. Whatever the case was…. it was a beautiful walk back home.

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