Over the moon

He felt for her,
She felt the same too,
Things were going well.
Until, misunderstanding took place.
Arguments, fights took place.
Boy needed some space.
So, the girl left.
Both realizing can’t live.
Were back together happily.

Walk out on

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“She was a forgiver,
her heart was so large,
she didn’t know how
to give up on people,
because she always believed
the good in those she loved.
It was until she walked with a burned heart,
She had no choice but to let go of those who burned her heart”


And I think its time for him,
Its time for him to be happy again.

He has got someone,
someone he knows,
he can text at any hour,
and tell absolutely anything.

He knows they are trustworthy
and it is the best feeling he will have after long.


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