I Won The War – With Myself..

I Love you.. He Said To Me..!
I Will Love You Forever… Then He Said,
I Knew It Was A Lie, Nothing Lasts Forever.
Hence Proved (after some time..) He Left Me, Broken And Shattered Into Pieces.
I Knew It Was Coming After All.. So I Will Only Blame Myself For Loosing Control.
Next What..? “I TRIED MOVING-ON”
But FUCK, My Demons (The Real Bitch..) It Was Dragging Me Back To Him,
Now I Missed Him Even More,
Craving For His Touch, His Talks,
Thirsty For His Kiss, His Love.. Now Sadly Am Fighting With 2 Individuals
“MY PAST & MY DEMONS…” Next What..? “I STALKED..”
I Stalked His WhatsApp, His Status, His Facebook,
His Every Single Movement (he does not bothers..) But Yes, It Bothers Me,
Each Like From Other Girl On His Status,
Feels Like Someone Putting A Knife In My Soul.
I Wished He Knew How Much I Need Him More Then Ever.
Next What..? “I SURVIVED..”
With Time Passing By…
Yes I Survived, Beating All The Odds.
I Fought My Own Demons.
I Am Sad, Mad, Angry, Hurt & Disappointed,
But You Know What,
I Will Still Put A Smile And Move On.
It’ll Hurt For Sure, But I Will Survive.
Next What..? “I REALIZED..”
With Time, I Realized,
I Realized I Am Not Missing Him,
But I Am Missing The “MEMORIES” More Than Him,
I Realized I Am Missing The “TIME” Spent With Him,
I Realized I Have To Deal With This All Alone,
I Realzied I Don’t Belong There Anymore.
I Won The War – With My Demons… (Fuck Them.. )
I Won The War – With Myself…
I Won The War – Against Him…
I Won The War – To Love Again…

Irony of love.

“He used to lie,
and flirt with other girls.
He used to hurt her,
and even disrespect her.
To see what a fool she was,
Her heart still wanted
a piece of his love”.


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