Respect or Disrespect?

“They disrespected his feelings,
So, he disrespected her feelings”

By respecting the feelings of others, we encourage them to share their feelings and experiences in a more friendly way, which reinforce relationship. Only having a respect for them is not enough, we have to show them that we care about them through empathy and understanding. We should never advice without being asked, criticize or lecture others because we do not know those people well enough to judge. In other words, disrespect is a sign of ignorance.

The best way to respect the feelings of the other people is by listening them with empathy and nonjudgmental way so that they can share their feelings comfortably. After all, we all human beings have more similarities underneath our skin colour, race and religion.

Further the truth is that everyone deserves respect. So we should treat people in a manner in which we expect to be treated. If in any case, our action is going to affect other people, we need to consider those people feelings before making a decision.

Finally, feelings are what make anyone feel worthwhile or worthless. It requires only a little bit of efforts to make anyone feel valuable. Therefore, we should learn how to respect the feelings of others to sustain relationship and have a happy life.

“Respect for ourselves guides our morals;
respect for others guides our manners.”
-Laurence Stone

Love or Lust?

“Want SEX come straight.
She will appreciate your destiny
And probably say YES.

But damn don’t give her hopes
Of love if all you want
out of her is pleasure.

And don’t give it a name of LOVE
If LUST is all over your mind.”

Sex and Love

People Are Always Talking About How Sex With Someone You Love Is Better But I Don’t Really See How That Can Be True. Sex Is Sex, Either You Have Chemistry And Know How To Do It Or You Don’t. I Don’t Know How Love Could Magically Grant Anyone Mystic Sex Powers That Suddenly Make It Better. It’s 100% Possible To Still Have Bad Sex With Someone You’re In Love With😏

So Let Us Not Goof Up Sex With Love. Love Is Important I Agree. But Sex Is Equally Important And Both Cannot Survive Without Each Other. We Are So Busy To Discuss The Sex Life Of Other People Around Us 😡

You Want To Love And Then Proceed To Physical Intimacy, We Agree And Respect Your Decision. But Lets Not Be Judgemental About Those Who Enjoys Intimacy Without Falling In Love. They Respect You And Expects You To Respect Them Back.😇

Sex Is Eternal, Pure, Sensual And Important Aspect Of A Successful Relationship Just Like Love♥️

Life Is Too Short To Hold Onto Your Desires. Have Sex, Make Love, Stay Happy. Stay Cool.
Cheers Everyone & Stay Blessed.
(this is purely my thought process and I don’t expect anyone to agree/disagree to me. Thanks for reading and keep following…)

Life Lessons I’ve Learned on My Winding Road.

This ‘life lessons’ post actually came about courtesy of a friend. He said, “You write about love, heartbreak and never on life, so why don’t you do one”?

So, it isn’t the most original concept, but no doubt there’s something in here that will inspire someone, somewhere.

Life Lessons I’ve Learned on My Winding Road

No one else can make you happy. Intimate relationships will distract you from yourself and offer temporary sanctuary, but facing your demons – your fears, insecurities, negative past experiences, wrong doings and shortcomings – requires you to look in the mirror, alone.

We are often let down by the most trusted people and loved by the most unexpected ones. Some make us cry for things that we haven’t done, while others ignore our faults and just see our smile. Some leave us when we need them the most, while some stay with us even when ask them to leave.

Work less, if you can. There will be no reward on your deathbed for all those extra hours you put in at the office, but there will be no regret for the extra time you spent with the people you cherish.

If you need a reminder of what happiness looks like, watch children playing together.If you want to understand mindfulness, watch children playing together.

You can’t change the world, but you can be the change. Don’t neglect fighting for the things you feel passionately about because you think your voice is too small and that not enough people care. One voice is capable of creating a huge echo.
When possible, go to bed early and wake up early. It is amazing how much more you get done and how much more zest for life you have when you wake with nature’s curtain. Sleep is not something your health can afford to skimp on, either.

Exercise every day. Humans are made to move. Our ancestors roamed approximately 19km a day. So walk, run, lift, jump, stretch. Whatever you can do, put aside time each day to oil your engine. It makes you feel wonderful; inspired, creative, enthusiastic, happy.Your health is your wealth.

Life is too short to spend it living out the expectations of others. This is your journey. Make it your story.

Don’t rush through life chasing your tail. It might be cliche, but stop every now and again to look around and notice life. Meditation, chilling out and listening to music, or just sitting on your doorstep are wonderful ways to bring the mind home for a while.

Be the change you want to see in the world. Simple. Only ever lend what you can afford to lose.

Make mistakes and remain a creative being. School teaches us that mistakes are bad and to be avoided, but mistakes are a valuable part of the creative process. No life-changing invention has been created, or fulfilling life lived, without a few mistakes along the way. Keep inventing, keep reinventing, keep failing (learning) and always explore your ideas as best you can

The world is a mixture of people. We just need to know which hand to shake and which hand to hold. After all that’s life, learning to hold on and learning to let go.

If some of these things resonate with you, great. If you disagree with some of my points, that’s great too; go and start your own list and live your life, your way.


I am a girl who was betrayed,

Turned my back and got played.

I thought we’re friends but no we’re not.

Not my fault. It’s yours you lost.

All I did was give my trust.

And you paid back with dust.

Yes, I am leaving the past.

I am getting revenge at last.

You should probably worry

because after I am done I ain’t sorry.

I am gonna hit as hard as I can

with my secret weapon in hand.

The Hidden Truth

Told him ”
” Told her “

Only room mates was what was left of us.
You confessed to me that you fell for him and I had a counter reaction, telling you I fell for her when all I did was fall for you.
We both held our secret in the clammy palms for the autumn winds to blow them away, afraid of the recoil of the guitar string that would scar us beyond bounds.
Writing love letters to phantom ghost of our fear waiting for the words to conjure up midnight magic and rise as an Armour to protect our vulnerability.

The Active Blogger Award

This is my first ever nomination and as you can probably guess it’s a huge deal for me. I spend a considerable amount of time reading blogs, and so to earn any kind of recognition for my contribution to this community makes me incredibly happy.

I would like to thank Yuvi’s Buzz for nominating me for this beautiful award. She writes amazing poetry, short series and does beautiful paintings. Do check out her wonderful blog.

As the name says, it is a recognition for the most active bloggers. (I won’t say that I’m much active but I’ll try more in the coming days.)

    Rules for this award:

  1. Post it on your blog.
  2. Thank and link the one who nominated you.
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    Nominees :

    I nominate these fellow bloggers for the Active Award.
    1. Ankit Mishra
    2. rekhasahay
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    4. Awesomengers
    5. Storie Cantabile
    6. Ink Spatters Brought To Life…
    7. ForgivingConnects

    Have a great day everyone! Love to hear your comments!

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