Blatant Disregard

“She is someone
who still text him
when he hasn’t replied for hours.

She watches him
giving other people attention
while he ignore’s her.

She just handles all the bullshit
he throws at her
and in the end
She still loves him”

The Broken Specs

He is someone
who still text her
when She hasn’t replied for hours.

He watches her
giving other people attention
while She ignore’s him.

He just handles all the bullshit
She throws at him
and in the end
He still loves her. 🙂

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And I think its time for him,
Its time for him to be happy again.

He has got someone,
someone he knows,
he can text at any hour,
and tell absolutely anything.

He knows they are trustworthy
and it is the best feeling he will have after long.



Life has no meaning now,

There’s no life after you.

So as I go,there’s no future to hold on to,

Only memories that I’ll take to my grave.

But as you cross over,

Don’t forget me,

I’m coming soon.

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Blind Love

The Broken Specs

How often we have heard this phrase, “Love is blind”?

In a group of friends, we had a lot of jokes on this expression. Since many of the lads have never been in a relation, so when they see a decent guy with a girl who is beautiful, they say “Love is blind”. 😀

For me,
Love is blind, when we don’t care how a person looks or how annoying they are, all we do is Love them unconditionally. 🙂

Here is a small story I came across,
Few days back in a cold foggy morning, I saw two people sitting next to each other outside the center court of the coffee halt. They look just like some other girl and a boy on this planet. But there was one uncommon thing in those two people sitting together. They were constantly facing towards the bushes, with one hand together. 🙂 They…

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Let go of love..

Don’t rush love. It will come and it will find you. It might not be at the time you want it to be, but it will come in the exact moment you are ready. I’ve learned that we sometimes get so busy trying to find someone to complete us, that we forget to realize that we are already whole. Love yourself first so that it never comes down to you needing someone to love you. And always be grateful for the love that comes your way, even if it doesn’t stay forever. Let go of love gracefully and never allow it to cause hate or bitterness. take it in, give it out, and accept how people offer it. And remember that the people in your life won’t be here forever. Spend time with them today, right now. Tell them you love them, but more importantly, show them that you do.
~Jessica Jensen

Just a girl and her words.

“She’s clumsy that one, and a little bit forgetful.

Some days, in fact, she’s an absolute mess

and you may have to hold her a little longer

and maybe a little tighter.

Loving her will never be easy

but when she flops down in your old worn out t-shirt,

flashes you that beautifully crooked grin,

and looks at you like you’re stupid…


you’ll remember

why it will always

be worth it”

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